About PiPO

PiPO was founded in 2003, with the corporate objective of delivering value, quality, and innovation in consumer electronics products to all consumers at all levels of income. 

Recognizing a significant opportunity to create a new kind of CE company, PiPO was created and steadily built consumer brand equities through an ever-evolving product line and by staying true to the company's core idea and objective of delivering consumer value. This simple business objective still remains true t oday as PiPO aims to evolve into a world class CE brand. 

Our History & Product Evolution 

In the early 2000's, PiPO's business consisted largely of tablet pc’s, e-books and other portable devices. These main product categories evolved to AIO’s, ultrabooks and other portable electronic systems in the late 2000's, but remained focused on the tablet pc’s category due to the barriers that prevented entry into a ODM market then dominated by few large manufacturers. However, the new millennium brought about few key changes: older technology gave way to newer technology, and Apple's iPod brought about a new age of music downloading via the Internet. These major developme nts opened the door for PiPO to enter into the tablet pc’s and e-books category as well as transition from DVD based products to MP3 based products. 

In the 2004, PiPO successfully introduced its line of portable DVD players, and its early entry into the portable DVD player market resulted in substantial market share for the company. PiPO also leveraged that success into its next emerging product category - digital photo frames.

In fact, PiPO was named the #1 selling digital photo frame brand in the Taiwan (in units) for calendar year 2009, according to renowned market research. 

PiPO’s new expertise in panel technology, gained from developing high-quality portable DVD players and digital photo frames, led the company into its next logical product progression of CCFL TVs. 

Our Future 

Now, as a key player in the portable electronic industry, PiPO's next evolution is to enter the highly competitive CCFL and LED market by offering a full array of screen sizes from 5 to 27 inches. In addition to entering the large screen size market monopolized by established TV industry giants, PiPO is venturing to be a strong contender in 2011 by featuring Internet TV, powered by Android OS will be available from 18 to 65 inches. Following the theme of technology-enabled HD TVs, PiPO has also decided to enter the growing MID (Mobile Internet Device) category. PiPO successfully launched two models in 2007 and has quickly gained the experience and expertise necessary to emerge as a strong player in the rapidly expanding tablet market for 2011. Among many other exciting elements, the PiPO tablets offer the latest Android Operating System, and feature a generous touchscr een with wireless web browsing capability. 

In its short history in the consumer electronics industry, PiPO has experienced rapid growth and significant changes in its product offerings. Regardless of what the future may hold, one thing is certain - PiPO will be continually expanding into new product lines from its core strengths, while always standing firmly by its vision of producing high quality, value CE products for our consumers. 

Multum in parvo!